About Me

Our twin boys arrived September 17th, 2008! Joseph Clyde Green, III at 8:37pm, weighing 5lbs 6oz and measuring 19 inches. Next came William Charles Green, I (a special number for each baby!) at 9:23pm, weighing 6lbs 11oz and measuring 20 inches. Other members of our family include Gizmo, our 7 year old Boston Terrier, and Gracey, our late Boxer who went to heaven on July 22nd.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


It was quite an incredible weekend, the boys started to interact with one another. They have finally discovered that they have a brother!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa Claus Came to Town!

Santa Claus came to town so of course we took Jay & Will. Some liked Santa better than others - guess who!

Back to Work


I returned to work last week, it was really hard to leave the boys. I cried the first few days but after I got into a routine it got better. The team at Save-A-Lot is so wonderful, they had treats waiting in my cube on my first day back and everyone stopped by to say welcome back!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Amanda's First Day

Amanda became part of the Green Family today and we are pleased to share that she will be back tomorrow. Even after the crying symphony and Jay's Labor Day Fashion Faux Pas!

Green Family Visit

Will and Jay had a very special weekend. They got to meet their Great Grandma and Grandpa Green and their Great Aunt Julanne for the first time. They also got to spend time with Grandpa Green. The boys got lots of hugs and kisses from everyone and had plenty of hands to hold them. Lots of spoiling!

The 3 Joseph's! II, III, I

Jay and Will with their Great Aunt Julanne

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Foot Booties & Therapy for Will

Will was fitted for his first pair of booties to correct his foot alignment. The material used to create them is really neat, it's like a wax that you can mold and keep melting until you get the desired shape. He was a real trooper, he let the therapist do whatever she needed. We're going back next week for a new pair and more therapy lessons. She did give us one warning, keep the booties away from the dog! They like the plastic/rubbery texture. Something tells me this statement applies to Aunt and Uncle's dog - Trey! We'll see if Aunt and Uncle are checking the blog :)