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Our twin boys arrived September 17th, 2008! Joseph Clyde Green, III at 8:37pm, weighing 5lbs 6oz and measuring 19 inches. Next came William Charles Green, I (a special number for each baby!) at 9:23pm, weighing 6lbs 11oz and measuring 20 inches. Other members of our family include Gizmo, our 7 year old Boston Terrier, and Gracey, our late Boxer who went to heaven on July 22nd.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Down on the Farm!

Jay & Will's first visit to Rombach Farm.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

William's Hearing Test

William had his hearing test yesterday. He has perfect hearing in his right ear and almost perfect hearing in his left ear. He doesn't seem to pick up some of the lower frequencies. We were told these are vowel sounds. They'll keep an eye on his left ear and test it again next year to be safe. By then it may correct itself, ie. a slightly retracted ear drum or maybe a small amount of fluid in his ear.

And I also must brag on him a bit. He was a perfect angel/patient yesterday. He had to lie still for two hours to do the testing. That's a tall order for a baby with equipment hooked up and clicking in the ears. Lets just say Joseph, who came along to support his brother yesterday, may have had a problem with that requirement :) !

Monday, October 20, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Looks like William is having a funny dream and
Joseph is having a peaceful/sweet dream.

William's Hearing Test

Little William will be going to the doctor on October 21st to check his hearing. When he was in Special Care he failed the first few tests then passed the last test. The staff couldn't determine if the machine was on the fritz or if her was really having hearing problems. They set up a follow-up appointment at Children's Hospital. We'll know soon. If I had to gage from the level of his screaming, I would say he inherited his feet and hearing from his Father. Of course Joel's may just me Selective Hearing!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dr. Kasper Visit

Joseph and William had a check-up today and they are growing like little weeds! Joseph is up to 7 lbs 1 oz / 20.5 inches and William is up to 7 lbs 7 oz / 21 inches. We were calling Joseph our "Little Peanut". Grandma asked if that meant that William was a "Cashew", which became little nicknames for them. After today, I think I left the doctor's appointment with two Cashews!

The doctor said Joseph's hematoma is healing nicely (developed from the head suction cup used at birth) and that he has reached the fifth percentile which is good for a twin. And William is on track to have his foot booties cast on November 6th to correct his foot alignment. Physical therapy needs, if any, will be determined at that time.

Time to go - The Little Peanut and Cashew are calling! They will always be my peanut and cashew.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Poop Happens

I learned a new lesson this week. "Picture It" (like Sophia used to say on the Golden Girls), it's 2:00am and it's time to change William before his feeding. He's a little poopy so I decided to let him finish. I open the diaper a few minutes later to see if he's done and full projectile poop on my shirt, my pants and in my hair. I didn't throw up, although I definitely thought about it!

So Joel and I have been peed on more times than we can count but poop, that was a FIRST! Going forward we'll be waiting 15 minutes to change what I call "Poop in Progress".

And to add to the chaos, when I turned away to start wiping poop off my hands and shirt, William began peeing everywhere including his face! There were two very unhappy people in the house at around 2:05am!!!


Friday, October 10, 2008

Personality Differences

Joel captured this special moment to show
some personality differences. We have a bib
in house titled "I'm the boss!". Guess which
baby wears that bib? The baby on the Left
or the baby on the Right :)