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Our twin boys arrived September 17th, 2008! Joseph Clyde Green, III at 8:37pm, weighing 5lbs 6oz and measuring 19 inches. Next came William Charles Green, I (a special number for each baby!) at 9:23pm, weighing 6lbs 11oz and measuring 20 inches. Other members of our family include Gizmo, our 7 year old Boston Terrier, and Gracey, our late Boxer who went to heaven on July 22nd.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

First Father's Day

First Father's Day snap! The boys looovvvveee their Daddy! We will officially celebrate this Sunday. We have a big surprise for Daddy - hope he likes it!

Great Uncle Chuck & Aunt Jan from Arizona Visit

An Eckstein gathering would not be complete without playing Runs & Bunches! Jay helped Daddy.

Will helped Mommy.

Is that poop? Yes, Aunt Jen the "Party Pooper" called it quits before round 12!

Grandmie, Will (sleepy), Great Aunt Jan and Will posing for the camera.

Great Uncle Chuck, Great Grandma Eckstein (aka "Card Shark", you have to keep an extra eye on her!), Uncle Nate and Aunt Jen.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First Mothers Day

Mommy, Jay and Will opened gifts together.

Posed for Daddy.

We joined Aunt Nickole and Uncle Tom and the cousins at Uncle Bill's Pancakes. Where's Tommy? shhh ... pooping under the table!

Later Jay and Will helped Mommy plant her Mother's Day flowers. Jay had fun in the turtle pot, great idea Grandmie!

Jay looking so innocent in the turtle.

Will's turn to play!

Will - Mr. Smiley!

Quick family shot before heading to dinner at Bartolino's South with Grandmie, Uncle Nate and Aunt Jen. (Wearing our spiffy outfits from The J Family)